"The Proposal" Review

The previews don’t do this one justice. I went into this movie with low expectations, but walked away more than satisfied. The Proposal is definitely the date movie of the summer. Sandra Bullock knocks it out the park once again. If you loved her in Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice, then you will not be disappointed, and paired with Ryan Reynold’s sarcasm, the two make a perfect comedy team.

I guarantee you will fall in love with this laugh out loud comedy. There was honestly never a dull moment throughout the film, and I found myself not wanting it to end. Both Bullock and Reynolds perfectly portray their love-hate relationship for each other, which will have you rooting for a happy ending. Of course the ending is predictable, but c’mon, what rom-com isn’t?

Betty White and Oscar Nunez (from The Office) both deserve scene stealing honorable mention. Oscar Nunez’s character had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions, seriously, someone give this man a movie!!

I’m giving this one 3 out 4 stars. If you are looking for a movie to just get away and have a good hearty laugh ….go see “he Proposal” . I promise you won’t regret it.

P.S. – Sandra Bullock is GORGEOUS in this movie!


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