Review: (500) Days of Summer

And the award for Best Movie of the Summer goes to…

(500) Days of Summer, the offbeat romantic comedy that’s “not a love story, but a story about love.”

Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt (Tom) and Zoeey Deschanel (Summer) the story is simple, boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl doesn’t. Clever writing, excellent acting, and an unpredictable story are all the ingredients that make this film a sure to be instant hit.

Gordin- Levitt plays the role of love sick Tom Hansen with such ease. You can’t help but fall in love with him and root for him every step of the way as he longs for Deschanel’s Summer. Deschanel is a gem as well. She captures Summer in a way that only she can, one second you hate her and the next you realize you’ve been her.

(500) Days of Summer will break your heart one scene and give you hope in the next. It’s not watered down with cliches and it is definitely not predictable. In short, this movie captures what it is really like to be in love. It captures life. We have all been Tom and we have all been Summer.

There is no “happy, campy, cliche” ending but you will leave satisfied and blown away. Every aspect of this film (writing, direction, etc) can be summed up in one word…perfect.

Go see this film. It’s early but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one nominated for a few Spirit Awards and maybe even a (long shot) Oscar.

My Grade: A+


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