My weekend MUST SEE: Good Hair

Although this movie is currently on a limited release and I live in a big city that rarely features limited movies; I am still dying to see the Chris Rock documentary Good Hair.

After watching clips of the movie on Oprah and The View my anticipation for this movie has increased more and more every day. “Good hair” has been the topic of discussion for months now. Tyra Banks even went as far as taking her weave out on her show. Yet the question remains, what is good hair?

Chris Rock is determined to get to the bottom of it. In the eye-opening documentary Chris explores the world of black hair and women’s desire and obsession to maintain it. The documentary features a who’s who of black actresses, Nia Long, Eve, and Meagan Good just to name a few.

Along with my excitement I am also a little disappointed in the lack of promotion for this film. The first time I saw the film take real flight was on the Oprah show, and since then the only previews I’ve seen have been on BET. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) In my opinion, I fully understand that the film is geared towards the black community, but I definitely think it’s a must see for everyone.

I am looking forward to coming back next week and reviewing this film; I hold a special place in my heart for documentaries.


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