Review: Where the Wild Things Are

It’s a difficult task to turn a 10 sentence book into a 90 minute feature, but somehow Spike Jonze does it. A beloved book from everyone’s childhood Spike Jonze brings Where the Wild Things Are to life and frankly it’s a visual masterpiece.

On par with the book we are introduced to Max, a kid with a wild imagination and a thirst for attention and acceptance. After a tiff with his mother he runs away into the woods and find where the wild things are. Thus the wild rumpus begins…

Although slow at times, I applaud Spike Jonze for bringing a childhood favorite to life. To see the wild things on the big screen was worth the wait. James Gandolfini, Forest Whitaker, and Catherine O’Hara are just a few of the actors who voiced the wild things. Every detail was covered in the film and Spike did a great job of executing his vision. The incredible music, mostly by Karen O (lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s), helped too.

This movie is definitely not for everyone, especially young kids. The message is simple to grasp if you are over the age of 15 but not for young children with a short attention span. Just like the book its a think-piece and you are meant to base your own judgements accordingly.

It’s very dark, subtle and most of all nostalgic. I walked away satisfied because it was fascinating to see such a great story come to life. Truly nostalgic.

For those who want to rekindle their childhood, if just for 90 minutes, go see this movie with an open mind and mild expectations. It wont be as captivating as Maurice Sendak’s short masterpiece …but after all is said and done….it’s Where the Freaking Wild Things Are.

My grade: B+ (for visuals, direction, acting, and the music)


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