Paranormal Activity or Playful Audience (Paranormal Activity Review)

Good movie? Yes. Scary Movie? Maybe. Interacts with Audience? Definitely!
The movie, very similar to Blair Witch Project, is more of a suspenseful puzzle than a scary movie, or at least until the last 10 minutes of the movie. Every time the camera went to the nighttime bedroom scenes you could hear the entire theater adjust and get ready for some freaky shit. Then it would go back to the storyline of a couple trying to find out what was tormenting them dragging the movie on to the point where the the audience didn’t pay attention and just waited for the next nighttime bedroom scene. And once the camera was put on that tripod everyone held there breathe for another scary ghost encounter.

For me the best part of the movie was the audience, cracking jokes to steer from peeing there pants or commenting on how the bitch is crazy. Sure the movie is creepy but definitely not the scariest movie of all time like the commercials say. The plot seemed as if they threw it together in a few minutes in order for it to make sense. Leaving out the fact that they should have gotten the hell out of there when the ouji board caught on fire!

I must give props to the director though. Pulling off a first person movie is a hard task and it was pulled off in good fashion just like Blair Witch, Cloverfield and Quarantine. They give the audience a feeling of reality while watching it, giving this movie grade “A” cinematography.

My Rate: B-


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