A Bittersweet Goodbye (This Is It Review)


It’s the only way to sum up my emotions after watching this movie. Wow. From start to finish ‘This Is It’ is a captivating masterpiece that embraces you from the first scene and doesn’t let you go until well after the credits have stopped rolling. And even then you don’t want to move because it’s still hard to imagine a world without Michael Jackson.

I have know idea where to start without this whole piece sounding sentimental but a good place would be the man himself. Michael Jackson is love. He embodies the word and he uses it quite frequently throughout the film. His smile and his passion for his craft will capture your heart. His perfectionism will trigger something in you and make you question if you are being the best you that you can be.

The film plays out as kind of a “Making of” piece; allowing viewers the opportunity to really see all the work that goes into putting on a major concert. And if there was ever a question of if Michael still had the juice, the answer to that is an enthusiastic YES! He was poppin, lockin, and pelvis thrustin all over the place and his voice was still incredible.

One of my favorite (of many) parts in the film was of Michael singing Human Nature. He hit that high note and I melted. It was almost like he was right there, singing directly to me. Speaking of tunes, all of your favorite MJ hits were accounted for Beat it, Thriller, Earth Song, Black and White, and of course Billie Jean.

A major highlight for me was Michael’s female lead guitarist Orianthi Panagaris. At the end of Black and White Michael tells her “I want you to shine, this is your time to shine.” And shine she did. I am a sucker for a killer guitar solo and Orianthi along with MJ stole my heart. In that moment I witnessed a star being born and I think that was Michael’s plan all along.

‘This Is It’ will cover every emotion you have and some you didn’t even know you had. For a little under two hours you will forget that June 25th ever happened and you will try and soak up every minute that you can. I didn’t want it to end because ending it would be me finally saying farewell. However once the first notes of Man in the Mirror start to play you know it’s time.

If you are a Michael fan I urge you not to let this opportunity pass you by. ‘This is It’ is a must see. It’s a perfect testament of being the best that you can be at all times because you never know who will be watching.

My grade: A +

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