Weekend Box Office: Nov 20-22

So…Twilight New Moon opened last weekend to astounding numbers. Surprise, surprise. Lets run the numbers:

1. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (142 million)
2. The Blind Side (
34 million)
3. 2012 (
26 million)
4. Planet 51 (
12.2 million)
5. A Christmas Carol (12 million)
6.Precious (
10 million)
7. The Men Who Stare at Goats (
2.8 million)
8. Couples Retreat (1.9 million)
9. The Fourth Kind (
1.7 million)
10. Michael Jackson’s This is It (
1.6 million)

For the first time in a while there was something for everyone at the box office. Twilight had a record breaking weekend, becoming the third largest opening in history and The Blind Side held its own amidst all the hoopla. Planet 51 had a nice debut and I am surprised to see Couples Retreat still in the top ten it’s sustained itself against a lot of great movies.

Lastly If you haven’t seen “This Is It” yet make sure you catch it before it leaves theaters at the beginning of December.

Until Next week…


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