Weekend Box Office: Nov 27-29

For most Americans it was a long four day weekend filled with family, fun, food, and hopefully lots of movie watching.

Here are the numbers for the weekend of Nov 27-29

1. Twilight
2. The Blind Side
3. 2012

4. Old Dogs

5. A Christmas Carol
6. Ninja Assassin
7. Planet 51

8. Precious

9. The Fantastic Mr. Fox
10. The Road

Of course Twilight remains the number 1 movie in the world!! I actually forced myself after much debate to watch both Twilight and New Moon, and albeit a tad bit cheesy, the films are actually quite entertaining. There, I said it.

The Blind Side seems to be the holiday favorite, I’ve heard nothing but great feedback from this film, and a studio that puts a film out the same weekend as Twilight is a studio with ambition. Hats off to Warner Brothers for taking the risk.

“2012” rounds out the top 3 and “The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron complete the top 10. I’d say within the coming weeks, “The Road” will begin to gain speed, due to the Oscar buzz surrounding the film. “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a different story, barely breaking the top 10 this film wasn’t really promoted well and the trailer did it no favors either. Only time will tell how this one will fare.

Out this week: Armored, Brothers, Everybody’s Fine, and Transylmania


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