Weekend Box Office: December 18-December 20

A new box office king is crowned and its name is….

1. Avatar

2. Disney’s The Princess and The Frog
3. The Blind Side
4. Did You Hear About The Morgans?
5.The Twilight Saga: New Moon
7. A Christmas Carol
8. Up in The Air
9. Brothers
10. Old Dogs

Even through a snow storm on the east coast that kept most people indoors over the weekend, James Cameron’s “Avatar” dominated the box office with a total of $77 million.

Last weekends other opening, “Did You Hear About The Morgans?”, held its own claiming the number four spot, right below “The Blind Side.”

Coming up for this week: “Nine”, “Sherlock Holmes”, and “It’s Complicated”, which I am on my way to screen so check back tomorrow afternoon for a full review.

One Response to “Weekend Box Office: December 18-December 20”

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