The Real Reel’s Top 5 Films of the Year

This was not an easy list to compile but after doing a Top 20 list for the decade, I decided to make a similar list for the year 2009.

This year in movies was very interesting, mostly because nothing really great came along until the final few months. However with much thought and time, I was able to figure out my five favorite films of the year and a couple that deserve honorable mention.

5. Brothers

Enthusiastically reviewed on this site, “Brothers” produced the best performance of Tobey Maguire’s career. Heart-wrenching, sincere, and timely this film blew me away. Great performances by all involved.

4. It’s Complicated

A mature romantic comedy for grown ups and Meryl Streep like you have never seen her before, there is nothing complicated about “It’s Complicated.” Did you see what I did there?

3. The Blind Side

This was the feel good film of the holiday season. Sandra Bullock is at her best and the story itself is almost too good to be true.

2. The Hangover

The most fun I’ve had at the movies all year long, ‘The Hangover’ was the smash comedy hit of the summer and surprisingly it wasn’t a Judd Apatow film.

1. (500) Days of Summer

Well written, witty, new and fresh. A story about love and what it’s really like. We’ve all been Summer and we’ve all been Tom. Hands down my favorite film of the year.

Honorable mention

Precious– beautifully done but the gritty content of the film left me with no desire to see it again.

Inglorious Basterds– a definite Tarantino classic yet it wasn’t enough to make the top five.

What were some of your favorite films of the year?


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