Review: The Hurt Locker

I watched this film a few months ago but am just now getting around to writing a review after watching it again, and I must say right off the bat “The Hurt Locker” is ‘the year’s best.’ In this wartime we live in, “The Hurt Locker” is the only war film in recent years done exceptionally well.

Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, one of the most exciting directors working today, “The Hurt Locker” tells the story of an Army bomb squad unit in Iraq who are forced to come together in a city where everyone is to be considered the enemy and everywhere is a potential death trap. It’s a cat and mouse game from start to finish and an absolute work of art.

Shot as sort of a documentary, “The Hurt Locker” takes all the big bang popcorn elements out a war film and relies solely on subtly. Sure it would have been easy to incorporate massive CGI effects yet Bigelow sticks to traditional film making, and makes her film more natural and realistic.

With great directing also comes top-notch performances, as Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Brian Geraghty give career defining portrayals. Renner is perfect as SSgt. James, an adrenaline junkie who answers to no one, and Mackie is equally perfect as Sgt. Sanborn, the ying to Renner’s yang. But the most poignant performance in my opinion goes to Brian Geraghty, whose portrayal as the young, naive and scared Spc. Eldridge is one that I’m sure a lot of young men at war right now could relate to. In my honest opinion, all of these men deserve to be nominated in some sort of capacity but Renner is definitely the favorite.

Simply put, “The Hurt Locker” is a film that can’t be missed. It is one the most simple yet powerful films to come along in a while and you should definitely believe the hype on this one.

My Grade: 9/10



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