Real Reel of the week: Riding in Cars with Boys

Starring Drew Barrymore, Steve Zahn and the late Brittany Murphy, “Riding in Cars with Boys” tells the  true story of Beverly Donofrio, a single mother who aspires to become a writer even after having a son at 15. Released in 2001, I had the opportunity of watching this film again today with a better appreciation for it.

Drew Barrymore is at her best as a young mother stilll trying to find herself. And Brittany Murphy gives an astounding performance as Faye Forrester, Donofrio’s best friend. However the most amazing portrayal comes from Steve Zahn, whose role as a drug addicted father is one that you will remember long after the credits stop rolling. In my opinion, Zahn is very underrated yet his recent roles in films such as “Strange Wilderness”  and “A Perfect Getaway” really don’t exhibit his talent. However, catch him in films like “Sunshine Cleaning”, “The Great Buck Howard” and “Riding in Cars with Boys,” and his talent is undeniable.

For those who haven’t seen “Riding in Cars with Boys”, I recommend you head to your RedBox, Blockbuster or Netflix queue and check it out.  Same goes for those of you who have seen the film.

My Grade: 7.5/10


2 Responses to “Real Reel of the week: Riding in Cars with Boys”

  1. Best movie I’ve seen in a long time! I was beginning to think that I was the only one who was moved by this movie. Thanks for the post.

    Posting my semi-review on:


  1. Bees, Boys, and 40 « Kansas or OZ? - August 1, 2010

    […] I saw myself in Beverly through some of the movie, but a seemingly lack of focus (in online reviews) on the end of the movie, tells me that others did not find the end as impactful as I did.  One of the reviews I found online was at Real Reel. […]

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