Tuesday Throwdown: Mo’Nique vs. Anna Kendrick

It just dawned on me that I forgot to do a Monday Match-up. Guess that’s what happens when its the first day back at school. So today I am making it up to you guys in the form of a Tuesday Throwdown. (clever, right?)

Today’s throw-down will feature  Mo’nique and Anna Kendrick, both of whom are front-runners for a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

Heres the breakdown:

What we know

  • Anna Kendrick beat out Mo’Nique for the coveted National Board of Review honor.
  • Mo’Nique has won 85% of  Critics circle and society awards including the New York Film Critics Circle award
  • Both actresses are nominated for Golden Globe and SAG awards.

The Real REAL

It’s no secret that Mo’Nique has been touted as the favorite in this category all season long, but then out of nowhere Anna Kendrick wins the NBR and the game  changes.  Suddenly Kendrick who was the categories dark horse, is now front and center and ready to play. This is why I love awards season because just when you think you have all the answers,  you get a curveball like Anna Kendrick. Granted her performance in “Up in The Air” was amazing,  Mo’Nique is still the most deserving of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Her role as Mary  in “Precious” is  a tour de force and something that you take with you months after you’ve seen the film.  This throw down goes to Mo’Nique.


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