The Spotlight: Jeremy Renner


Birthdate: January 7, 1971

Birthplace: Modesto, California

Big screen debut: Paper Dragons (1996)

Although Renner’s big screen debut was in the virtually unseen “Paper Dragons,”  a lot of you may remember him as Jeffrey Dahmer in the film “Dahmer” or as Brian Gamble in the 2003 blockbuster  “S.W.A.T.”  Don’t remember him being in “S.W.A.T.”? Look again, he’s the bad guy.  And now after a slew of indie flicks and minor supporting roles, Renner has become the focal point of Kathryn Bigelow’s “The Hurt Locker.”  A critically acclaimed film that has thrown him into the awards season mix.  ;It’s clear, no matter how you were introduced to him Renner is the real deal.

Currently he’s been nominated for a Critics’ Choice award, Screen Actors Guild award and is in contention for an Oscar nomination for his portrayal in “The Hurt Locker.” And he’s rumored to play Hawkeye in the new “Avengers” movie.  If you aren’t up to speed with his earlier work I recommend “Neo Ned,”  “Take” and “Twelve and Holding.”  He is completely underrated as an actor but his work speaks volumes.

The Real Reel always roots for the underdog and that’s why Jeremy Renner is in “The Spotlight” this month.

If you missed last month’s spotlight on “Avatar’s” Zoe Saldana, click here.


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