A Real Reel soapbox: Why the reboot?

This goes back to the creative recession discussed in last week’s soapbox; only this time I’m singling out the ‘Spiderman’ series.

There is a reason why writer and director Sam Raimi dropped out of the project and thats because he knows when enough is enough.  Let’s break it down—‘Spiderman’ was epic, ‘Spiderman 2’ was semi-epic and ‘Spiderman 3’ was an epic disaster. It was horrible!  So why the reboot? Why beat a dead horse?

For starters, who would even want to see this film without Maguire attached to it? I don’t, at least not right now.  Sure, one would say that after the success of ‘The Dark Knight’ , a reboot is a good idea, however you have to remember where the Batman series had been before Christopher Nolan took over. Not even George Clooney could save the travesty that was ‘Batman and Robin.’ And it must be pointed out that the ‘Batman’ reboot took place 8 years later in 2005 with ‘Batman Begins.’  It gave the audience time to forget how horrible the last series had become ,and allowed us to move on and accept Nolan’s vision. Which turned out to be amazing.

I respect Sam Raimi for knowing when to walk away. He didn’t want to compromise the film’s integrity by producing B.S., and that is commendable.  But what I can’t respect is how the studio is rushing this project forward, as if the general audience is in desperate need of another ‘Spiderman’ movie.  I personally am excited about the release of ‘Thor’ next year, which has replaced ‘Spiderman’ as the 2011 superhero blockbuster.

So I ask again— not only why the reboot but why the rush?  If people really want another Spiderman, then they will be willing to wait patiently for excellence instead of crap. Especially after the “lacklusterness” of  ‘Spiderman-3’.  But what do I know, I don’t run a studio I just run a movie blog…

Would love to hear your thoughts as I climb of my soapbox.  Sound off in the comment area.



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