SAG Awards Wrap Up

What a night! A very predictable night but a great night nonetheless.

For starters, we’re usually not ones to toot our own horn,  BUT —The Real Reel was 100 percent in our predictions for last night.  Not bragging…just saying.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards were held last night.  I love the SAG awards because its kind of like the company Christmas party. Everyone is there, including Bob from marketing who you didn’t realize still worked there. But lo and behold he shows up for the free food and booze. In a nutshell, that’s the SAG Awards. Half the people in the room I didn’t even know had SAG cards, and when did I miss the memo that Kevin Howard was president??

Anywho down to the business—Justin Timberlake and Kate Hudson, who looked AMAZING in Pucci (shoutout to Rachel Zoe) presented the first award of the night. It wasn’t a movie award but the guy who won is relevant because he will be co-hosting the Oscars.  That’s right, Alec Baldwin won–again–for his role in 30 rock. I really think its time this dude pulls an Oprah and takes himself out of awards consideration. We get it Alec, you’re awesome.

And as promised on the live blog last night, a special shout-out to the cast of  ‘Glee’ for winning Best Ensemble!!

The first film award of the night went to Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz , of course.  And am I the only one that wants him to read a bedtime story to me? His voice is so soft and soothing, and everything that comes out of his mouth just sounds profound. After Christoph won, Kevin Bacon and Drew Barrymore took home an actor for their made for tv roles.  On a romantic sidenote: Kevin and Kyra  may just be my favorite couple in Hollywood. So cute.  Getting back on track, Barrymore gave what I think was a heartfelt speech, or maybe it was a panic attack. Who knows?  She seemed genuinely moved by all the accolades she’s gotten the past couple of weeks.  Which is rare for someone who’s been in the business since before they were born.

About midway through the show, the hilariously charming  Betty White was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  She gave a great speech, even poking fun at presenter Sandra Bullock saying “its nice to see a plain girl like her make it this far.”  White also went on to say how she knew a lot of people in the room, and quipped that she’s even “had a few.”  It was really nice to see her getting ‘flowers’ while she can still smell them. 88 years is a long time on this earth considering all the people we lost in 2009, which we were quickly reminded of during the memoriam  tribute.  So many young lives and great talent lost.

As predicted, Morgan Freeman presented Mo’Nique with an actor for  her supporting role in ‘Precious.’  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again until March 7th, I hope she is clearing a shelf for her Oscar. But in all seriousness, who would have thought that Nikki Parker from ‘Moesha’ and ‘The Parkers’ would be getting ready to win an Academy Award?  Moments like this is why I love awards season.

And Jeff Bridges getting his just due last night makes me love it even more. He won the actor for Best Performance in a Leading Role and his peers once again gave him a standing ovation. His speech was comical too as he thanked all of his teachers in life  and then when he was told to ‘wrap it up’,  Meryl Streep told him to keep going. Gotta love her, even if she didn’t win last night.  That honor went to Sandra Bullock for her portrayal in ‘The Blind Side’ and as much as I believe that Streep should have won this award, I was really happy for Sandra. This is a woman who has severely paid her dues in memorable comedic roles (good and bad) and to hear her say ‘thank you for accepting me’, was truly heartwarming.

The last award of the evening was presented to the cast of ‘Inglourious Basterds.’  And noticeably absent was Billy Goat Gruff…I mean Brad Pitt.  But seriously, where has he been all awards season long?  I mean I know juggling six kids can be tough but I was sure he would have made an appearance to the SAG awards.

One thing is for sure, with the  2010 SAG awards in the books the Oscar stage is now set.  Bullock, Bridges and Basterds are clear front-runners with Streep trailing close behind.  Waltz and Mo’Nique are definite and ‘Avatar’ not getting an ensemble nod speaks volumes of their chances for winning best picture.  A quick fact: in the last few years the ensemble award winner has gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars. Most recently, Slumdog Millionaire.

And that folks, is a wrap!

Check out the pictures below and sound off in the comment area.

All photos by Zimbio


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