Weekend Box Office: Jan 22-24,2010

Even though awards season is in full swing, we can’t forget about the reason for this blog’s existence—the movies!!  You know the drill, here are is your weekend box office:

1. Avatar
3.The Book of Eli
4.The Tooth Fairy
5.The Lovely Bones
6.Sherlock Holmes
7. Extraordinary Measures
8.Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
9. It’s Complicated
10.The Spy Next Door

For the 6th week in a row ‘Avatar’ retains its box office crown. No word yet on if its surpassed ‘Titanic’ as the highest grossing film of all time, but I am sure its very close.  I could do the math, but it would probably be wrong. Forget what you read…’Avatar’ is now the highest grossing film of all time!!

‘Legion’ opened this week and came  in at number 2 to ‘Avatar’, which  is a definite victory. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this film, so I don’t expect it to stay in that spot for long.

‘The Book of Eli’ fell to the number 3 spot and ‘Extraordinary Measures’, which seems like a bad Lifetime movie, opened up in the number 7 spot.  I’m sure it’s a great film but whoever cut the trailer needs to be fired, stat!

A surprise opener was ‘The Tooth Fairy’, which nabbed the number 4 spot. Wasn’t expecting it to beat out ‘The Lovely Bones’ or ‘Sherlock Holmes’ but it did.

Coming next week: ‘Edge of Darkness’ and ‘When in Rome’


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