Review: A Single Man

Before I put on my ‘critics hat’ let me just say….I LOVED  ‘A Single Man.’

OK, now that that’s out the way, here is the official review.

Directed and written by Tom Ford (yes that Tom Ford) and adapted from the short story of a same name, ‘A Single Man’  is as exquisite and detailed as one of Ford’s fashion designs. Told in the span of a day, November 30, 1962 to be exact, ‘ A Single Man’  follows English professor George Falconer as he tries to cope with the sudden death of his partner, Jim.  As his world is turned upside down,  he soon finds unexpected solace in his best friend Charley and a young collegiate student named Kenny.

One thing I loved about this film was Ford’s attention to detail. His direction was solid and every frame was similar to a photograph. I had  a theory while watching the film that if you froze every frame it would  resemble a fashion editorial in Vogue magazine.  A close up here and a close up there, Ford leaves no stone unturned as his vision translates onto the screen beautifully.  To add to the quality of the film, he  used different color filters during various scenes so that the audience could pick up on George’s mood. A neat effect that stays with you long after the final credit has rolled. One scene in particular that stood out was in black and white on a mountain between George and Jim. Ford’s use of color and light in other scenes was an integral part of the film yet this scene will be engraved into your mind,  for its simplicity.

Performance wise, Colin Firth gives a haunting performance as George Falconer and his awards buzz is 100 percent deserved. His character was as poised and tailored as the custom made suits he wore in the film yet his tortured and lonely soul will cry out to you every second that goes by. Other noteworthy performances included Julianne Moore as Charley, Nicholas Hoult as Kenny and Matthew Goode as Jim.  All three actors gave exceptional performances with a limited amount of screen time. But of course the glue that held this film together was Firth, he was phenomenal.

I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Ford’s writing and direction of this film. In the time we live in where certain groups of people are fighting for equal rights, this film is very relevant. It’s message is that love is love, no matter who you find it with and that there is purpose for everything we go through in life.

This film is a must see across the board.

My grade: 8/10



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