The Real Reel’s official Oscar nominee predictions: Best Actor

Hope everyone is enjoying our little game as we continue with our Best Actor predictions….

Best Actor

1. Jeff Bridges- Crazy Heart

  • Golden Globe nod/win. Check. SAG Award nod/win. Check.  Oscar nod…in the bag.

2. George Clooney- Up in The Air

  • Once again, his NBR win pretty much guarantees a nomination.

3. Colin Firth- A Single Man

  • He’s been in the awards mix all season and I don’t see the Oscars being any different.

4. Jeremy Renner- The Hurt Locker

  • I want this to happen for Renner and the funny thing is, it just might.

5. Your pick/ My picks

  • Morgan Freeman- Invictus
  • Viggo Mortensen- The Road

As always, what do you guys think? Who’s a lock? Who should be replaced?

Sound off!

Up Next: We take a pause in the action to focus on the writing  awards.



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