Review: From Paris With Love

Short. Sweet. Straight to the point. ‘From Paris with Love’ is officially the most fun I’ve had at the movies in the year 2010.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too sure about the film walking in but walking out I was thanking the heavens that I went with my gut instinct.  ‘From Paris with Love’ is a thrill ride that will keep you guessing until the very last second.

Written by Luc Besson famed writer of ‘The Professional’ and adapted by Adi Hasak ‘ From Paris With Love’ is the story of a young government employee who teams up with an American spy to take down a terrorist who is threatening to attack Global delegates.  And although I figured out the entire plot within the first 10 minutes–blame it on the screenwriter in me–I was still completely blown away by the entire film.

John Travolta is ridiculously entertaining as the ass-kicking, take no mess Charlie Wax and Jonathan Rhys Meyers balances him out as his  timid and wet behind the ears partner James Reece.

Per usual, Travolta steals the show the second he arrives on-screen.  The role of Charlie Wax is his and his alone, and there is even a brief ode to Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ added in. You’ll know it when you hear it. Rhys Meyers however, never really seemed to embrace his role. He was believable but he was just leasing the role; he didn’t own it in the slightest.

Despite that fact, the film managed to come together in 92 minutes without the audience feeling like they had missed something. And when a story can be told in under two hours, that’s always a good thing. Lately there have been too many films that have lasted about an hour too long but thankfully ‘From Paris With Love’ did not fall into that category.

As for the direction, Pierre Morel (Taken) did a phenomenal job of capturing the fast paced action and slowing it down for the added effect.  Trust me, the audience was never bored.  As I pointed out before, the film will leave you guessing until the end and everything that didn’t make sense in the beginning, will make perfect sense once you leave.

So to recap: ‘From Paris With Love’;  action-packed, comical and an overall fun time at the theater.

My Grade: 7/10


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