Mini Review: Haven (2004)

Before they starred in the critically and commercially successful ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Hurt Locker’, actors Zoe Saldana and Anthony Mackie were siblings in a film called ‘Haven.’

The first feature film of writer/director Frank E. Flowers,  ‘Haven’ tells the story of various people living on the Cayman Islands who’s  lives intersect on Friday the 13th.  Also starring Orlando Bloom as local fisherman Shy, the film takes place during a weekend allowing everyone involved to equally exhibit their talents.

I mentioned Mackie, Saldana and Bloom because their performances were the most surprising.  Its beyond me why both Mackie and Saldana are just now finding international super stardom because their portrayals in ‘Haven’ are proof  that both are the next big thing. Although siblings, their characters are at war with each other as Mackie tries desperately to keep Saldana’s character away from Shy.

And although I’ve never been a huge fan of Bloom’s work in recent years, he knocks it out the park as his character goes on a downward spiral throughout the film. His portrayal as a man torn between love and confusion, will break your heart.

Not only is the story well written but the direction is solid too;   think ‘Pulp Fiction’ (minus the violence) meets ‘Crash.’

The film also includes great performances by Bill Paxton, Agnes Bruckner, Victor Rasuk and Lee Ingleby.


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