Oscar Real: Best Director breakdown

Who’s keeping count?   By my calender we have 27 more days until Oscar and a lot more categories to get through. Next up:

Best Director

Kathryn BigelowThe Hurt Locker

  • For some strange reason “I’m Every Woman” is playing loudly in my head. I want that to be the song playing when she “Naomi Campbell” walks up to the podium on Oscar night. But in all seriousness, Bigelow has inspired me this awards season and I can’t imagine anyone else winning this award….

Quentin TarantinoInglourious Basterds

  • …well maybe this guy. His cast has won every ensemble award this season and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ was both a critical and commercial success. And come on, I can’t be the only one who’s dying to hear a Tarantino acceptance speech.

James CameronAvatar

  • If the Oscars were held on Pandora, he would definitely win. But sadly that’s not the case. Also, I’m  pretty sure that people still  think ‘Avatar’ is all animation. I’ve lost count of how many times Cameron and Jon Landau have had to explain the motion capture concept.

Lee DanielsPrecious

  • Right here, right now I am professing my love for Lee Daniels!  I heart this guy and I’m so glad that he is apart of the party. He pushed the envelope with ‘Precious’ and although he won’t win, he’s been able to put a face with his name. Remember this guy because he’s just getting started. (And rent his other feature film ‘Shadowboxer’)

Jason ReitmanUp in The Air

  • ‘Up in The Air’ ,in my opinion, is Reitman’s best film to date but at the ripe age of 33, he’s only just begun. I expect to see him in this lineup for years to come. Although I do expect him to win Best Adapted Screenplay.

As always, I would love to hear what you guys think….


One Response to “Oscar Real: Best Director breakdown”

  1. I also think that Reitmean will win for screenplay and that Bigalow will win best Oscar. Though a Tarantino speech would be great….

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