Weekend Box Office: Feb 5-7, 2010

Greetings  movie lovers! I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl weekend and if it you weren’t in to that sort of thing, I hope you watched lots of movies.

Your weekend box office is as follows:

1.Dear John

2. Avatar

3. From Paris With Love

4.Edge of Darkness

5. The Tooth Fairy

6. When In Rome

7.The Book of Eli

8.  Crazy Heart

9. Legion

10. Sherlock Holmes

‘Dear John’, congratulations on dethroning the number one film of all time. Never underestimate the power of the teenage girl. After seven weeks at number one, ‘Avatar’ has finally met its match as it was bumped to the number 2 spot.I think this calls for a moment of silence. ::insert silent moment::

Opening at number 3 was the action packed John Travolta film ‘From Paris With Love’ and ‘Edge of Darkness’ was able to stay just above the top five in the number 4 spot.  Moving down three spots from last week, ‘When in Rome’ found itself in the number 6 spot while ‘The Book of Eli’ slowly makes its way off the top 10. And finally opening in a wide release ‘Crazy Heart’ found a home in the number 8 spot and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ filled the tenth spot on the list.

Out next week: “My Name is Kahn,” “I Love You Phillip Morris,” “Valentines Day” and “The Wolfman”


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