Why I think Meryl Streep will win at the Oscars. (The Redux)

Meryl Streep

Uhm, because after 26 years of showing up and being gracious to her competition, it’s about freaking time!!

I could end there but I’ve come up with a method to all my Meryl madness. So here its goes.

Just for a second,  take Sandra Bullock out of the equation. That leaves Gabourey Sidibe, Carey Mulligan, and Helen Mirren.

For starters, Mirren’s nomination itself was up in the air, it could have easily gone to Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria), Audrey Tautou (CoCo Before Chanel) or Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones). Not to mention that Mirren’s last Oscar win was  just  three years ago when she won for ‘The Queen’ and she’s  the least likely to win, considering she hasn’t campaigned nor been as talked about like the others.  In Mirren’s case, she’s just happy to be invited to the party.


Then you add Carey Mulligan to the equation.  National Board of Review win, BAFTA win and  a nomination at every major awards show this season. I liken her as the Anne Hathaway of this season, who gave a stellar performance, won a couple of major critical awards last year, but in the end it was Kate Winslet’s time.  It sounds like a bummer but it’s not, because there is no doubt my mind that for  both Hathaway and Mulligan their days of Academy Award nominated performances are just beginning.

Next you add Gabby Sidibe into the mix.  A newcomer who knocked her first performance out of the park. If I were a voter my mentality would be, ‘what else can she do?’ My older sister used the following analogy about another topic and I’ll use it here. Like it or not the Academy and its award is like a Greek organization, and if I was a Dean of Pledges, I’m not going to let just anybody into my organization. Gabby’s award is her nomination.

In my opinion, all three ladies gave  three of the year’s best performances, but none of that matters once you bring  Sandra Bullock back into the equation.  She has won every single award going into the Oscars but she’s not going to win the Oscar.

Rewind back to 2007.  That was the year that Eddie Murphy won the Critic’s Choice, Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild awards for his performance in ‘Dreamgirls.’  Then he received his very first Oscar nomination (like Bullock)  and  became the favorite to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Then ‘Norbit’ happened a few weeks before ballots were due and Murphy’s surefire Oscar  went to another veteran actor Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine).

(Alcorn Entertainment)

Bullock’s ‘Norbit’ is ‘All About Steve’, a film which landed her a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress,  and the only way I see the Academy justifying her presumed win is by saying that “she may not get this opportunity again, whereas Meryl could be back next year.” But here’s the thing, Bullock is not a bad actress, she’s a comedic actress, which is why her award-winning streak has come as such a surprise for some. She’s paid her dues with some great and some not so great comedic roles, but when you think about people like Kate Winslet, who attended the Oscars five times and never won until her sixth nomination last year, it puts everything into perspective.  If Sandra can knock  one role out of the park, then surely she can do it again, right? What makes her different from other actors and actresses who have gone to the ceremony with a first nomination and walked away empty handed?

Like it or not,  Meryl is overdue and the Academy knows this fact.  And although ‘Julie & Julia’ may not be a typical Oscar-nominated role,  its time to either  give her an Oscar or  stop making it seem like its obligatory to nominate her every year!

(Columbia Pictures)

An argument could be made that Meryl hasn’t campaigned as much as the other nominees, but isn’t 2 wins out of 16 nominations, and showing up year after year campaign enough?

Quite frankly I think she’s over it, and who would blame her?  Luckily for her, her time is now and I truly do believe that on March 7th the 26 year drought will be over.

And if I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but that’s the great thing about awards season, even when you’re wrong you still can suck it up and have a good time.

Those are my thoughts, would love to hear yours.


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