Poll: Should the Academy Go Gender-Neutral??

How would last year's top winners Kate Winslet, Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz fare in a category against each other?

An interesting Op-Ed in the New York Times yesterday by Kim Elsesser, who argued that the Academy should lean towards gender neutral awards.  Basically, deep six the Actor and Actress categories and just nominate the best performers –male or female– of the year.

You can read the full editorial here.

Personally, I get what she’s saying,  women have made lots of advances in society since the Academy’s first award show in 1929.  Even now in this year’s race, the Academy  will presumably award the best director prize to a female.  But part of the grand tradition is the separation of categories, which in my opinion, wasn’t put in place to segregate the sexes but to equally honor both men and women. By going gender neutral—which I doubt the Academy will ever do— there would be fewer performers nominated for their work.

Elsesser makes mention that “separate doesn’t mean equal” but one could argue that,  equal doesn’t always mean better.  Some things are put in place for a reason, and the separation of genders at major awards shows is one of them.  And when you think about it, it could be a lot worse…Best Original Screenplay written by a Female.

But that’s just my one opinion.  Let me know what you think by taking the poll below and/or share your thoughts in the comment area.

***photo credit to: NY Mag via Google Images.


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