The Oscar Hangover: Highlights, Lowlights & WTF moments

This is only the beginning of our FULL day of Oscar coverage. I’m tired from the festivities of last night, so I thought I’d start off with an appropriate Oscar Hangover post. It was an eventful night and The Real Reel has all the highlights, low-lights and wtf moments. Feel free to add some of your own as well in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more coverage, from the red carpet to the show and of course the after party!! You may want to book mark The Real Reel today.


  • Hands down, Kathryn Bigelow making history and becoming the first female to win Best Director. Oh and Babs presenting the award to her was a score too.

  • Screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher winning Adapted Screenplay. It was an award that everyone predicted to go to Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner for “Up in The Air,” but I definitely called the last minute upset. Fletcher made history by becoming the first African American to win an Oscar for writing.
  • The John Hughes tribute. Perfect. The Brat Pack being there. Brilliant.

  • Tom Hanks announcing “The Hurt Locker” for Best Picture.  Isn’t he supposed to re-read the nominees?? It didn’t matter, it was short and sweet.
  • Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech. Granted I was a little heated in the moment because I really wanted the Streep drought to end, but after a replay Sandra’s speech was really heartfelt, warm and very gracious towards her fellow nominees. Always a class act.
  • Oprah Winfrey. That is all.
  • James Cameron not stepping foot on the stage, at all. Especially after he said that he’d be cool if Bigelow won Best Director as long as Avatar won Best Picture. Good luck with that James.

  • Kate Winslet because let’s face it anytime she’s near an awards show, its always a good thing.
  • Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin in a snuggie.
  • Nicolas Chartier having the last laugh.


  • The show opening. 1.) Why were the Lead Actor & Actress nominees on stage? 2.) Did anyone catch the horrible end note from the band? 3.) We get it Neil Patrick Harris is great, but must he infiltrate every awards show?
  • Mo’Nique winning was a definite and expected highlight BUT her speech was a bit of a lowlight for me. Save the talk of politics for the press room and thank your director, co-star and maybe throw out a little love for your fellow nominees. However, it must be noted that she reeled me back in with the Hattie McDaniels mention.

  • Bea Arthur, Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett somehow managing to not make the memorial cut.  I know they’re TV stars but all three were very influential in the industry and should have been included.
  • Cameron Diaz calling Steve Carrel Jude Law. Yeah, it was a lowlight but definitely not her fault. Next time Shankman & Mechanic–if there is a next time–make sure you fix the teleprompter if someone backs out!
  • Whoever engineered the sound for the show, you’re fired.
  • I found the millionth mention of  Bigelow & Cameron’s matrimonial past during the opening dialogue, to be a bit tacky.
  • Pop-locking? At the Oscars? For a second I thought I had flipped to America’s Best Dance Crew.
  • Quentin Tarantino and Meryl Streep walking away empty handed. Maybe if they teamed up together for a project, they’d both finally win another Oscar.

  • Nicolas Chartier not being able to celebrate with his colleagues.

WTF moments

  • Kanye, is that you? Who the heck was that Joy Behar looking lady who bum-rushed the stage during Robert Ross Williams speech for Best Documentary Short? Security!  It’s actually Elinor Burkett and there’s a story behind the bum-rush.

  • Sean Penn, what the hell were you babbling about??
  • And was the Clooney vs. Baldin & Martin stare down staged or…..
  • “I Am Woman” being played as Kathryn Bigelow walked off stage….smh.
  • A Red Carpet WTF: Ryan Seacrest while interviewing Kathryn Bigelow & Meryl Streep. You know how many nominations she’s had and no, Bigelow is not going to say anything to James Cameron!! Stop with the inappropriate questions.

***photos by: Getty, Google Images and AP photos.


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