Reel News Blurb: Robert Rodriguez to reboot ‘Spy Kids’

It’s official, we are in the reboot era of Hollywood. The newest addition of the craze being Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Spy Kids’  series.

The indie director revealed this weekend at SXSW that plans are already underway to reboot the franchise, which released its last installment in 2003.  The “new and improved” Spy Kids movie will take place 10 years later featuring an all new cast.  Fingers crossed for an Antonio Banderas cameo.

Here’s what Robert had to say about the story idea:

“That maybe doesn’t sound as good as it sounds,” Rodriguez acknowledged to the SXSW audience, “but when you read the script its very funny. Its not like we’re going back to the well for a fourth time. It feels actually completely new. It’s the ‘Casino Royale’ to ‘For Your Eyes Only.'”

According to, Rodriguez also made mention of two more important tidbits, one  being that kids were his most loyal audience (which would explain a Spy Kids release before a Sin City sequel), and two, he won’t be directing ‘The Jetsons’ movie despite saying otherwise last year.

Like most of the reboots I’ve read about, I’m not too sure about this one. Most of the kids who were ‘Spy Kids’ fans are almost college-aged, and it’s not like the ‘Spy Kids’ franchise was something that was just so great and wonderful.  If it were something like “Toy Story” or ‘Shrek’, it would make sense, but ‘Spy Kids?’ Not so much.

I say Rodriguez gets back on ‘The Jetsons’ project or start work on another ‘Sin City’.

What do you guys think?

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