Scene About Town: March 15, 2010

Wanna know what some of your favorite movie stars were up to this weekend? Look no further than today’s edition of “Scene About Town”.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg and actress Meryl Streep share a laugh at the DVF Awards in New York City.

Academy Award winner Adrien Brody stops into Austin, Texas for the opening festivities at South by Southwest.

And now I remember why I loved Sean Penn. Here he is at the Haiti Humanitarian Awards which were held in Washington D.C. last Thursday. Keep up the good work Sean.

Lastly, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston  hold onto each other tight at their London premiere of “The Bounty Hunter.”

***all photos by Zimbio


One Response to “Scene About Town: March 15, 2010”

  1. theresazphotography Reply March 15, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    Cool Post. I like Adrian Brody. I’m not sure about Predators, I am a huge fan of the original and Predator is my favorite movie alien but we will see. It is Robert Rodriguez so it may be pretty cool = )

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