Reel News Blurb: Reitman + Portman + Kutcher = Friends With Benefits

No Internet access except from my iPhone, so forgive me in advance for any grammatical errors.

Moving right along…

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are set to star in a untitled romantic comedy directed by Ivan Reitman, and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The script was penned by Elizabeth Meriwether with a working title by the name of “Friends With Benefits.”

According to Variety the log line is top secret at this point, but I think it’s obvious what this film is going to be about.

Shooting starts in May and this will be a neverending cycle for Portman who has been working effortlessly for over a year now on various films. Already this year, you can catch her in “Your Highness” (out in October), “Black Swan” (TBA) and she is currently filming “Thor.”

Portman and Kutcher’s production companies, handsomecharlie films and Katalyst will also be involved along with Reitman’s production company.

The untitled film also has a release date, Jan 7, 2010 making it one of the first films of the new year.

***news source: Variety


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