Chris Evans offered role of Captain America

While I was away something finally broke open in the “Captain America” casting hoopla, Chris Evans was offered the role.

As of Friday, Marvel nor the Creative Artists Agency, who represents Evans, had yet to comment on the validity of this rumor but according to The Hollywood Reporter, it is indeed true. Like all recent  Marvel films, “Captain America” will be a trilogy which will culminate into “The Avengers.” If Evans were to accept the offer he would commit himself to a known total of four movies, as well as appearing in various other Marvel films such as “Thor” and “Iron Man.”

The decision to accept the role as “Captain America” should be an easy one, unless your Chris Evans and are already scheduled to film a comedy called “What’s Your Number?” at the exact same time.  I’m sure it will be a “tough” decision for him.

But here’s where my issue lies with Evans being offered the part. Issue #1, he wasn’t included in the first round of casting nor did he screen test. So basically we’re just offering him the role on a whim because it sure isn’t based off his lackluster performance as Johnny Storm in both Fantastic Four movies. Which leads me to issue # 2,  in my opinion casting Evans seems like a conflict of interest. He’s already worked with  Marvel before and is already associated with another superhero, and not only that he is also starring in the DC Comics adaptation of “The Losers,” which comes out in May.  Seriously, is there no one else available for comic book movies?

However, although I am not really on board with this Chris Evans thing, he is a much better choice than Ryan Phillipe or Channing Tatum.  And I can see why they chose him over a newcomer because you have to look at the bigger picture, “The Avengers.”  You need someone who can believably lead guys like Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Helmsworth (Thor) and I think with enough determination, Evans could pull it off.  If he accepts.

***news source: The Hollywood Reporter


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