Trailer Thursday: March 25, 2010

In epic fail news, I forgot to do “Trailer Tuesday” for the second week in a row, blame it on Spring Break and after Spring Break fatigue. But fear not because I have everything under control and three awesome trailers for you to watch.

Letters to Juliet

A romantic comedy starring Amanda Seyfried, who has come a long way since her Karen Smith days, Gael Garcia Bernal  and Vanessa Redgrave “Letters to Juliet” is the story of an American girl on who finds thousands of unanswered love letters to Juliet (duh) on a trip to Italy, and goes on a quest to find lovers mentioned in the letters.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Nicolas Cage is a drug and gambling addicted police officer in New Orleans post Katrina. The film also stars Eva Mendes and it may very well be the first Cage film in years that I’m excited about seeing. This film was supposed to be released widely during awards season but plans for it fell through due to a number of factors (atleast that’s what I’m assuming).  It’s gotten great reviews thus far, so we’ll see.

The Switch

Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman team up in this comedy about insemenation. Aniston plays an unwed woman in her 40s who uses a turkey baster to get pregnant, only to find out seven years later that her best friend (Bateman) switched the sperm sample with his own. Sounds funny and I can’t get enough of the trailer but its really time for Aniston to give me another “The Good Girl” portrayal or something with a bit more depth.


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