Reel News

It’s a great day today. For starters it’s Friday and it is also my 24th birthday! So in the spirit of celebration, I bring you some weekend news bits….

  • Starting off with festival news, “Robin Hood” will open the Cannes Film Festival;  so Russel Crowe fans look forward to him being in a dapper ensemble.
  • The Laverne & Shirley buzz is picking up more speed, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner are still front-runners for the lead parts.
  • …as Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan tries to fill Audrey Hepburn’s shoes.

Note: Not sure if I will post anymore today, so if not have a great and safe Friday!!!


3 Responses to “Reel News”

  1. TheresaZphotography Reply March 26, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    I hope that you are having an amazing day!
    My birthday is on the 29th. Aries Rule! hehehe

    Just got back from the Dennis Hopper Walk of Fame. Had a fun experience with Jack Nicholson. I will add to the blog and let you know when the pictures are up.

    Thanks for the news!

    • Thank you so much Theresa! I had a blast, my friends and I went to Austin and partied the night away.

      I hope you enjoy your birthday on the 29th and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. TheresaZphotography Reply March 27, 2010 at 7:40 am

    That sounds like so much fun. I’m glad you had a Great Birthday!

    I went to Austin for the 4th of July weekend back in 1997 I think it was and it was so nice. We also visited San Antonio. Super fun weekend in TX.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes as well. I appreciate it.

    Pictures are up if you would like to take a look.

    Have a Great Weekend!

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