50 Cent is looking for a “Dead Man Running”

Phase 4 films has acquired the rights to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s newest film, “Dead Man Running.”

The freshman distribution company, who released last year’s “50 Dead Man Walking,” have nabbed the North American distribution rights to “Dead Man Running” and plan to release the film later this year.

The premise? A man has 24 hours to pay back a loan shark or he’s a dead man…running.  The film, already completed and directed by Alex De Rakoff, will feature 50 Cent as the loan shark (of course) and Tamer Hassan as the dead man running.

Sounds like a nice pick up for Phase 4. Fans will flock to see 5o in action because they enjoy his music and surprisingly, he’s not that bad of an actor.

***source: The Hollywood Reporter



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