Rachel Weisz to be in Bond 23?

On to rumor #2:

Could we see Rachel Weisz in the next Bond movie??

Various reports are saying yes but nothing has been confirmed.  However if reports are true the Academy Award winning actress is set to play the villain, not the Bond girl.

Currently production at MGM is on hold until the company gets sold to the highest bidder but according to Cinema Blend and their source (who apparently is very reliable), there could be some truth to this Weisz story.  According to the source Weisz is in consideration to play the head of Quantum, the secret organization that’s given Daniel Craig’s  Bond so much hell in the last two films. If there is any truth to this, she’d be the first female villain (to my memory) since “The World is Not Enough” and the mastermind behind all the misfortunes of the last two Bond films.   A caliber of role that no woman has yet to portray in the Bond series.

True or not, Weisz does have a one up on the competition. She is currently filming “Dream House”  with real life friend  Craig and she once dated rumored director Sam Mendes.

This is one rumor I hope is true. Indeed Weisz is hot enough to be a Bond girl but she has the talent to pull of being a diabolical mastermind.

Stay tuned for updates on this topic and so much more…

***source: Cinema Blend


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