Coming Soon: “Paranormal Activity 2” vs. “Saw VII”

Horror film fans pick your poison because on October 22nd you will be asked to choose!

That’s right, Paramount has confirmed that “Paranormal Activity 2” will be released on the same day as Halloween weekend staple, “Saw VII”.  And because I’m sure most people won’t see both films on the same day, I’m dying to see which one comes out on top.

Under normal circumstances I would say that Paramount, who I’m sure is trying to capitalize on the first “Paranormal Activity’s” success, is taking a huge gamble by pitting it against the box office veteran Saw. But, in my opinion Saw has  over stayed  its welcome and I think movie goers will be eager to see something new this Halloween. Then again “Saw VII” will be in 3D, which seems like it’s here to stay. I miss 2D already.

Personally, I think this “friendly competition” will be great marketing for the films.  The only real problem is that the  studio just hired Todd Williams last week to direct the film, but if the sequel sticks to the home-video format that was  used in  “Paranormal Activity”, then 7 months should be ample time to finish.

For now I’m giving this round to “Paranormal Activity 2” but we’ll have to wait till October to see how it all plays out.

I’m not really one for horror films but for all you fans, where do your loyalties lie? Or could you care less?


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