Review: “Why Did I Get Married Too?”

First new film review in a while and it’s a big one!

This weekend the Tyler Perry machine released “Why Did I Get Married Too?”, the much-anticipated follow-up to his 2007 hit “Why Did I Get Married?” To sum up my experience, there were some high points and a few low points–which will be discussed shortly–but overall it was an interesting time at the movies.

To start off, major kudos go to Richard T. Jones and Janet Jackson. In my opinion, Richard T. Jones became a bit of a saving grace in the film as the performances, for me, started to wane early on. Everything he does is so understated yet so perfect. Thankfully everyone eventually bounced back with an amazing push from Jackson who stole the show in two scenes that will leave you speechless.

Tasha Smith brought the laughs and the drama with the return of her outspoken character Angela but as the film progressed her portrayal became more so annoying and headache inducing than funny.  Her performance was too much of a good thing, to the point where the audience couldn’t take anything she had to say seriously. Then again, maybe that was the point.

As for the story it started out slow with a half an hour recap of the first film, Perry even being so kind as to remind us of a few famous lines but then towards the middle the energy started to pick up, but in a weird way. I understood Perry’s vision and even applauded it, but so much happened so fast between acts 2 and 3 that it almost became difficult to comprehend.

One scene in particular that is really resonant takes place between Malik Yoba and Janet Jackson; on paper I imagine it being a powerful scene but because the audience (myself included) wasn’t used to seeing these two characters this way, the scene comes off as comical instead of über dramatic.

Oh and T.P. by the way, I’m gonna let you slide on the blatant “Soul Food” rip off but don’t let it happen again, you’re better than that.

Other standout performances included a gorgeous Jill Scott and Lamman Rucker. Sharon Leal also reprised her role as Diane but she was much more subdued this time around, it’s almost as if someone had sedated her character; she was so boring.

And for all you Louis Gossett Jr. and Cicely Tyson fans, don’t get too excited about their appearance because they’re  in the film for all of five minutes. Five minutes that could have been edited out because as the film progresses their purpose becomes pointless.

All in all,  I found “Why Did I Get Married Too?” to be a pretty good movie.  It was funny, had lots and lots of drama and surprisingly kept you guessing, which for Tyler Perry is a big improvement.  He should be very proud because my bet is that this will be the number one movie in America. My theater was packed and there was already a line forming out the door for the next show.

Congratulation Tyler, you’ve done it again and this time you’ve done it a little bit better.

So to recap: “Why Did I Get Married Too?”, comical, drama-filled and a film that’s bound to start an argument with your significant other. 🙂

My Grade: 6.5/10 (would’ve been a 7 but the ending was horrid)


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