Pass or Play: ‘Knight & Day’ vs. ‘The Killers’

Another new weekly  edition to The Real Reel called “Pass or Play.”  I’ll pit two films (often similar) against each other and you guys and gals comment on which one you’d pass or play on.

Sound easy enough? Cool. Let’s play…or pass…

Knight & Day vs. The Killers

Personally I think both movies are the exact same.  The only difference is that one film features two big hollywood names while the other features two of the most annoying actors in recent memory. Actually I take that back,  Ashton  himself isn’t  annoying, his characters are; but Katherine Heigl, don’t like her. At all.

As for the plot of both films, the same. Hot guy meets/rescues cute blond, hot guy turns out to be a trained assassin/wanted man and cute girl joins him on a Bonnie and Clyde meets Mr & Mrs. Smith type mission. That sounds about right, right?

It’s almost as if studios thought that we the viewing public wouldn’t notice. And as if to further insult our intelligence both films are being released in the same month.  ‘The Killers’ will debut first on June 4th,  followed by ‘Knight & Day’ on June 25th. 

‘The Killers’ gets the advantage of being released beforehand but personally I think that ‘Knight & Day’ will be a bigger box office draw. People still love Tom Cruise, in spite of his couch jumping antics a few years back and Cameron Diaz is always a plus. She feigned having male juice in her hair for crying out loud. When Katherine Heigl can achieve that level of comedic genius and stop biting the hands that feed her, then we’ll talk.

Verdict: I’ll pass on ‘The Killers’ and play ‘Knight & Day’

If asked to choose, which film would you PASS or PLAY on?


2 Responses to “Pass or Play: ‘Knight & Day’ vs. ‘The Killers’”

  1. Oh the standard Katherine Heigl dig. It is real shame that probably one of the nicest, friendliest and down to earth people in the business like her is vilified by the press. She gets a bad rap unfairly in my opinion.

    • While I respect your opinion and appreciate your comment, my “dig” wasn’t based on anything personal about her as I’m sure she probably is a nice person. However some of the things that she has been quoted as saying makes her come off as ungrateful. But that’s just my opinion.

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