Timberlake in talks for “Friends With Benefits”

Diminishing my hopes of a new album yet again Justin Timberlake is in talks to star in another romantic comedy; only this time its a bit more complex. J.T.’s latest endeavor goes by the name of ‘Friends With Benefits’, no, not the ‘Friends With Benefits’ flick that was announced here a few weeks ago starring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, and definitely not the ‘Friends With Benefits’ television series scheduled to air on NBC next fall. Confused yet? Keep reading.

This ‘Friends With Benefits’ is a completely  different movie about the same subject, f**kbuddies.  And I kid you not “F**kbuddies” was the original name for the Portman and Kutcher version.

But back to Timberlake’s version…

His version of “Friends With Benefits” will be about a head hunter who recruits a magazine editor and because each of them are too busy to get some action, they agree on becoming “F.W.Bs.” But of course, things get sticky when the guy falls for the girl after she starts dating someone else.

Just based on the premise and  the fact that I’ve read the script for the Kutcher/Portman film, I like their version better.

For what its worth Screen Gems, the studio developing the project, registered the title first but “Friends With Benefits” the movie (Version Kutcman) isn’t the problem. “Friends With Benefits’ the television series is. According to Deadline, “Screen Gems can block a rival film studios release, but not a TV series.” So  the waiting game begins to see if “Friends With Benefits” (TV version) gets picked up for NBC’s fall lineup.

I have a suggestion for Timberlake to settle all of this confusion….get your butt back in the studio! My Ipod needs you!

news source: [Deadline]


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