Alphabet Review: The (B)abysitters

Considerably one of my favorite indie flicks in recent memory, ‘The Babysitters’ is the topic of discussion on tonight’s ‘Alphabet Review.’

Written and directed by David Ross, ‘The Babysitters’ is a more than meets the eye story about Shirley, a high school senior who transforms her babysitting business into a call girl service for married men.

Although half of the film is a bit of a flashback, all the pieces fit perfectly together to create a story of sex, drama, tension and even a bit a comedy. The film is written to perfection and is straight to the point, like an indie film should be; and although the premise may seem a bit raunchy, it’s tastefully done.

One of the most amazing things about the film is Shirley’s transformation from a shy, timid girl to a ruthless businesswoman who will do whatever it takes to get her 20 percent. “The Babysitters” features standout performances from Katherine Waterson, John Leguizamo and Andy Comeau.

It’s a great movie with lots of grit, and an explosive ending that is sure to leave you with your mouth wide open.

Coming up: Curly Sue.


One Response to “Alphabet Review: The (B)abysitters”

  1. Me Shay and Chris watched this one time!!! The commentary was deadly!

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