5 Actors Who Need New Agents

Don’t you hate when bad representation happens to good actors? Nothing grates me more than sitting through a terrible movie while trying to support my favorite actor. It’s almost disheartening because deep down you know that they’re better than this.

The following is a list of five talented  actors who desperately need to seek a new agent, in order to maximize their full potential.

5. Cuba Gooding, Jr.

  • It’s almost if his agent just told him, “screw it you’ve won an Oscar, just do anything.” The list of beyond bad films he’s been in since his Academy Award win is just–I can’t even talk  about them  because it would be borderline cruel.  Cuba is such is a talented guy and its a shame that he’s been diminished to a mere afterthought for taking on the world’s worst projects. I mean you could start with Boat Trip but it’s too easy. And although he’s had a string of bad films in recent years, he did have the opportunity to prove how talented he really is  in the made for TV movie about Dr. Ben Carson.

4.  Amanda Bynes

  • Never thought I’d see the day when Amanda Bynes became just another face in the tabloids. Between her flops and the “are they or aren’t they” relationship with  Kid Cudi, publicized  via Twitter, Amanda has seriously lost her edge.  She has so much potential and a real shot at being one of the best comedic actresses of our generation. And sure her next film “Easy A” has been well received by the folks over at Screen Gems, but this is the only film she’s lined up for and her last major film was in 2007. Amanda sweetheart, log off of Twitter, get yourself a new agent and make us all proud to be fans of yours.

3. Bruce Willis

  • I think there is a point in everyone’s lives where work becomes too much of a hassle, and you just say “F” it.  Bruce Willis has sadly reached that point. Honestly I don’t even think the problem is him needing a new agent; its him realizing that he’s had a good run and knowing that it’s OK to sit “this one” out.  And really, how many “Die Hard”  movies can one man do! We get it, they were great–move on.  Bruce has all the capabilities to do any genre he wanted if his rep wasn’t so caught up on him being an action star. Yes it’s his bread and butter but history shows that he is quite the chameleon when he needs to be (i.e: The Sixth Sense, Death Becomes Her, The Fifth Element).

2. Jessica Biel

  • Although I get the feeling that she thinks she’s better than she actually is, I will give credit where its due and say that Jessica Biel does deserve more opportunities to show us what she’s got.  Lately I feel like in a desperate attempt to prove her worth she’s taken on a lot of straight to DVD dribble, which in turn has led to her not being able to acquire any decent roles.  What she needs is a “Cold Mountain.” In a recent TimesTalk interview, Natalie Portman said that no one wanted to hire her after one of the Star Wars films and it was on the strength of a recommendation from Mike Nichols that scored her a minor role in “Cold Mountain,” which of course led to her notable roles in “Closer,” “Garden State” and “V for Vendetta.” This is what Biel needs, something small where she’s allowed to stand out,  but if it does poorly all the weight isn’t put on her shoulders.  She’s not at a level in her career where her name alone can sell tickets and she won’t get there until she establishes herself as the real deal.

1. Kate Hudson

  • It pains me to put Kate Hudson on this list because I love her, but enough is enough. Count em up…’You, Me & Dupree,’ ‘Fools Gold,’ ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’ and ‘Bride Wars.’   That’s four consecutively bad comedies that Kate Hudson has starred in, making her the number one person who needs a new agent.  Yes,  ‘Nine’  was kind of a step in the right direction but it doesn’t even begin to make up for the bad films I’ve had to sit through.  As I type,  I’m trying to rack my brain around how someone as talented as Kate could get caught up in the tangled web of typecasting. And while there are many people who will argue that she’s only famous because of her mother, I think her performance as Penny Lane in ‘Almost Famous’  is reason enough to know that this girl has raw talent.  She’s an amazingly gifted actress who should really consider changing up the game plan quick before people begin to tire of her.  And don’t get me wrong, I love her as a comedic actress but I know she can do more.

That’s my list but you know the drill, sound off in the comment area and let me know who would make your list.


One Response to “5 Actors Who Need New Agents”

  1. TheresaZphotography Reply April 8, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Bruce Willis really is capable of other roles besides the action films. I loved him in 12 Monkeys as well as The Sixth Sense and The Fifth Element. I hope he does more like them in the future.

    I’m not much of a fan of the others but I think it’s becuase I haven’t seen much from them that interest me apart from the movies that made them household names. Cuba with Jerry McGuire and Kate with Almost Famous. The rest I have yet to see something great, I hope it comes soon for them.

    This was a cool post. Thanks!

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