Alphabet Review: (C)urly Sue

The last time I watched this John Hughes gem I was knee-deep in a sandbox, I enjoyed it then and after re-watching it a few days ago that sentiment still holds true.  Everything you picture a John Hughes film being, ‘Curly Sue’ fits that bill; its funny, romantic, cute and of course includes a little drama.

The story is one straight out of Hollywood, a homeless man and his young companion Sue find a friend in a high-powered attorney who wants nothing more but to give Sue the life she deserves. Of course the rest is kind of predictable but that’s what’s so great about John Hughes films and 80s/90s films in general, no matter how predictable most of them still withstand the test of time.

Jim Belushi, who spent most of the last decade on television, stars as Curly Sue’s father figure Bill Dancer, a man who wants so richly to give Sue a better life but the cost–giving her up to child welfare–outweighs the reward.  Belushi portrays this character with such warmth and makes you love him from the opening credits. Kelly Lynch takes on the role of Grey Ellison, a unlikeable character at first but Lynch’s ability to transform on-screen makes her someone who the audience inevitably falls in love with. And how could anyone forget Alisan Porter? She did an amazing job as Sue but sadly hasn’t been in anything noteworthy since.

For those of you who haven’t seen the film in a while, on your next watch keep an eye out for a then new actor, Steve Carell. “Curly Sue” was his big screen debut and he can be seen in one of the first scenes as Tesio, waiter.

If I could think of one word to describe my re-viewing of ‘Curly Sue’ it would be nostalgic.  It’s a film that took me back to a place where nothing mattered at all; a nice getaway if only for a little less than two hours.

**Note the quality of the trailer. My how times have changed.

Next up: ….(not too sure yet :/)


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