Reel News

  • Logan Lerman was rumored to be a “100 % lock” to play Peter Parker in the SpiderMan reboot,  but Deadline confirms that the rumor is not true. I repeat, not true. Sony claims that not only is Lerman not a lock but he wasn’t even on the list of actors in consideration.  Glad I went with my gut on this one, saved myself time and energy on a post. [Cinematical]
  • Speaking of superheroes, according the Slash Film the ‘Green Lantern’ suit will be made of…computer generated imagery.  Thats right, for all of you Reynolds fans waiting to see the sexy man in his costume on set,  it’s never going to happen.  Hmph, that kind of takes the fun out  of everything. [Slash Film]
  • In more ‘Green Lantern’ news, Jon Tenney has made his way down to New Orleans to play the superhero’s dad. Jon Tenney and Ryan Reynolds in the same film? CGI costumes aside, I will be there front and center. [Empire]
  • In the last Reel News post I reported that Olivia Thirlby had signed on for ‘The Darkest Hour,” now we can add Emile Hirsch to the list which gives the film a little more credibility, and grasps my attention as well.  Hirsch is slowly becoming one of the best actors of our generation, so this news excites me. [Slash Film]
  • Taking a step in the right direction the ‘He-Man’ reboot finally gets new writers.  It’s been a long time coming but the plan is to get this film released before people stop caring. Doesn’t hurt that Hollywood seems to be in the ‘superhero era’, so hopefully ‘He-Man’ has a chance. [Film Shaft]
  • Spike Jonze is teaming up with yet another musical act to make another film, presumably a short one but a kick a*s one nonetheless. Who’s the lucky act?  That honor goes to Arcade Fire , who remixed their song Wake Up for Jonze’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are.’ [Cinematical]
  • Director Todd Phillips and Joel Silver team up for a very special project, ‘Project X’ to be exact.  Of course that’s not the real name but the details of this project are very slim. However, the budget is $12 million, Phillips and Silver wants the cast to be first time actors, Warner Bros is distributing and shooting starts in June.  Considered my interest piqued….[Deadline]
  • Is Thor the next victim to succumb to the 3D trend? You be the judge…[Collider]
  • Finally, check out why Chris Rock wanted to remake his upcoming comedy ‘Death at a Funeral.’ Really excited about this film. [Collider]

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