Craig Brewer to direct ‘Footloose’ remake

It seems like this ‘Footloose’ remake has been in the works forever, and honestly Kenny Ortega’s (High School Musical, This is It) departure from the project should have been a clear sign that this was a bad idea; but in true Hollywood form the show will go on and it will be under the direction of Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Black Snake Moan).

Brewer’s first order of business will be to find a new leading man. Because of the constant delay of production, Chace Crawford–who replaced Zac Efron— had to pull out of the project due to prior commitments with his show ‘Gossip Girl.’

I honestly like the idea of Brewer being apart of this. From what I understand, Ortega wanted to go in a more ‘musical’ direction whereas the studio wanted something more simple.  As much as I love what Ortega has to offer, I’m positive that Brewer will not take this opportunity lightly and create something special for a new generation.

At this very moment, I’m not officially on the bandwagon of this remake but having Brewer come aboard shows a lot of promise.

News source: Cinematical


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