Reel News

  • Getting a jump-start on the week The Weinstein brothers worked tirelessly through the weekend to reclaim their pride and joy, Miramax. The asking price is now at $625M with a five-day window of exclusivity. [Deadline]
  • Summit Entertainment is on a role as they acquire the rights to another book.  This time its ‘Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus’, one of the best-selling books of the 90s. Hmph. For some reason I get a ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ feeling about this one. [Empire]
  • Are you ready for the next Spike Lee Joint? No, it’s not ‘Inside Man 2’–that turned out to be a bust. The next Lee flick is rumored to be a film about the King of Pop titled, ‘Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson.’  I would say too little too late, but will we ever really be tired of Michael Jackson tributes? [Cinematical]
  • Do you have the ‘X’ factor? If so, Todd Phillips and Joel Silver want you to for ‘Project X’; the entire film is top-secret but both Silver and Phillips want to cast unknown actors to fit within their $12million dollar budget.  Click the link to find out how to be considered. [Deadline]
  • Oren Moverman will write and direct the adaptation of ‘Rampart’, and he plans to reunite with both Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson on the project. I loved ‘The Messenger’ so I’m pretty excited about this development. [Collider]
  • Lastly, the hilarious Aziz Ansari will host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards (wasn’t aware they still did this), and MTV has released a few videos to introduce him to the masses. [MTV]

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