Benicio Del Toro and Cameron Diaz, a match made in heaven?

20th Century Fox recently acquired the screen rights to the Jane Heller novel, ‘ An Ex to Grind,’ and Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro are already on board to star.

My excitement to this news was like a rollercoaster, first I was happy because who wouldn’t want to see Benicio Del Toro and Cameron Diaz opposite each other—then I read the premise.   And just like a flame my excitement diminished.

Here’s the scoop according to Deadline:

The idea is for Del Toro to play a star athlete who for years supports the dreams of his waitress wife. Cut to several years later. His career is cut short by injury, he has morphed into a beer-swilling couch potato while she has become a big success in business. She plans to divorce him and is horrified to discover she will have to pay alimony to maintain the slovenly lifestyle that led her to dump him. She conspires to find him a new wife to get herself off the hook but when her replacement restores the man she fell for, the ex wants him back.

I miss the days when Diaz did work like ‘Being John Malkovich’ , ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘A Life Less Ordinary’; I get that she’s supposed to be our generation’s Goldie Hawn, but I hate that all her range is going to waste on the same projects.  As for Del Toro,  he’s put in enough serious performances to do something like this, and I’m curious to see how the chemistry is between both actors.

A writer and director has yet to be announced,  but the film will be produced by Laura Bickford and Julie Yorn.

News source: Deadline


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