‘The Green Hornet’ gets the—you guessed it— 3D treatment

Seth Rogen on the set of 'The Green Hornet'

‘The Green Hornet’ is the latest to film to succumb under the three dimension pressure as Sony announced that the film has been pushed back a month. Now audiences all over the country will have to wait until MLK weekend (Jan. 14) to see the film—just enough time for a 3D face-lift.

‘The Green Hornet’, whose original release date was December 22nd, joins a growing list of films who are attempting to make more money by converting to 3D.  The action  film stars Seth Rogen, who got into tip-top shape for the role, Cameron Diaz and Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz.

Along with the announcement,  Sony vice chairman Jeff Blake stressed that this was not a last-minute 3D conversion, insisting that the film had just finished principal photography and was  now moving into the post production phase.

Last minute or not,  3D is getting old and I’m already ready for the ‘next big thing.’

news source: Entertainment Weekly


One Response to “‘The Green Hornet’ gets the—you guessed it— 3D treatment”

  1. TheresaZphotography Reply April 24, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    I don’t know about the 3D idea with this one but we’ll see. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a fun movie and maybe it will surprise us all and be awesome! = )

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