Mini Review: The Back Up Plan

Predictable, unfunny and an option that shouldn’t have even been considered as a back-up plan for Jennifer Lopez’s comeback role.

‘In short, The Back Up Plan’ is about a woman who has herself artificially inseminated only to meet her dream guy the same day.  The story, which probably seemed original on paper, is poorly executed and runs entirely too long.  The film relies on gross out tactics because the dialogue  is completely unfunny and overdone.   Think of all the bad and predictable romantic comedies you’ve seen, and then add ‘The Back-Up Plan’ to that list.

The only funny thing about  ‘The Back-Up Plan’ was Jennifer Lopez’s involvement in it.  Clearly her agent hates her, because this couldn’t possibly be the best she was offered after a four-year hiatus. If that’s the case she should consider one of two things, either get a new agent or throw in the towel all together.

I expected more from Jennifer Lopez, especially since she’s given us ‘The Wedding Planner’ and ‘Maid in Manhattan’, but not even her involvement could have saved this film.

My Grade: 4/10


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