Casting News: Carey Mulligan gets a ‘Dragon Tattoo’ & Olivia Thirlby opts for a FWB

Carey Mulligan’s star continues to be on a rise, as   the Oscar nominated actress has just signed on to star in the David Fincher remake of  ‘The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo.’   Mulligan’s involvement in the project was rumored a few weeks ago, but she confirmed to MovieLine that she hadn’t been approached about anything —until now.  Rumor has it that Fincher also wants Brad Pitt to star in the film.

And while Mulligan rebels with a ‘Dragon Tattoo’, Olivia Thirlby has signed on to star in the Ivan Reitman raunch-com ‘Friends With Benefits.’  I’ve read the script so I’m allowed to call it a raunch-com, and this ‘Friends With Benefits’ is not to be confused with the other film of the same name starring Justin Timberlake. The Reitman project stars Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher and just announced Kevin Kline, Greta Gerwig and Ben Lawson. 

Thirlby will play the role of Portman’s sisters, which will be a bit of a reunion for the two ladies. Thirlby starred in Portman’s directorial debut ‘Eve’, a film that premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2008.

***news source: Movie Line & Empire


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