Prepare for the Final Destination…part 5

Final Destination 5— the latest film to be thrown into the Hollywood “wash, rinse and repeat” cycle,  has found a writer in Eric Heisserer.  No stranger to penning Hollywood scripts, Heisserer wrote the upcoming prequel for “The Thing”  and the first approved draft for the upcoming ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’  Clearly he has a niche, but sadly it’s being wasted on ‘Final Destination 5.’  I mean really, how many more ways can people die? I think we covered it all in the first four films. And– did anyone even see the last ‘Final Destination?’

Sounds like a waste of time, money and talent.

As of right now there is no director or cast, but Craig Perry is on board to produce again.

***news source: Shock Ya


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