Could Anchorman stay classy in a sequel??


The secret is out—I’m a huge ‘Anchorman’ fan and news of a possible sequel has just made my day.

It’s been 6 years since  Ron Burgundy graced us with his awesomeness, making Will Ferrell a bona-fide comedic professional.  And over the course of those six years many  speculated about the possibility of a sequel, but in an interview with MTV writer/director Adam McKay put an end to it all.

According to Collider, McKay told MTV that “if Paramount greenlights the project soon, production could begin as early as February 2011.”

Uh Paramount…what the heck are you waiting for?? This is an easy decision, but it also may end up being an expensive decision.

A lot has changed in six years,  such as Paul Rudd and Steve Carell becoming huge stars.  Rudd has went on to make hit comedies like ‘Role Models’ and ‘I Love You Man’,  while Carell has made a name for himself as Michael Scott on ‘The Office.’ 

It’s been reported that both actors are willing to take one for the team and drop their fee, but the production budget has yet to be made which is the ultimate hold up.

McKay also told MTV that the sequel would take place in the 80s.  One more time– Oh-M-Gee!!!  Clearly, the potential awesomeness of this sequel has me pumped. Let’s hope the guys at Paramount feel the same way.


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